Honey and Clover Live Action Drama

I heard this premiered tonight in Japan, actually, last night since it’s 2 AM now. Unfortunately I won’t get to watch until someone uploads with english subs. I hope they share the joy soon. I loved the anime version and even the live action movie although many didn’t like it. It’s because the movie was just so different from the original. I hope the series is better.

Ikuta Toma (Hana Kimi) plays Takemoto. Although I love him, I see him as more of a Morita because of his sort of wildness in Hana Kimi (plus, *spoiler* I wish he’d get the girl for once *end of spoiler*) but since I know he’s a pretty brilliant actor I think he’ll do just fine as Takemoto, who’s more of a quiet/shy type. Aoi Yuu played Hagu in the live action movie, she was soooo perfect. Narumi Riko (One litre of Tears, Shindo) plays Hagu in the series, she looks mature although she’s young but when I saw her in the teasers she seemed to pull it off quite well also. Narimiya Hiroki (Kou Kou Kyoushi 2003) is Morita. I can’t get over his role in Kou Kou Kyoushi, he was scary. Well at least I know he’s wild enough to be Morita.

So far so good… Here’s the teaser…


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Mas mGaNdA aNg hana kimi ng 7,..!! pang8 xa 2,.! ang pang8 nung ba2e,.! mukhang siopao ang mukha!! tpos, isang la2ki lng ang guapo dun,.. eh xa 7, madame!!

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