Gossip Girl Episode 12 – School Lies

I saw this episode last week and loved it. I heard many didn’t?

Is it me or are the characters becoming more and more like the books? Serena the party girl? Chuck being super duper sleazy (though I hope he doesn’t turn gay)? Vanessa and her videos? Anyway, I love how they suddenly still incorporate some stuff in the books even though the show has really deviated from the books’ story. I hope Serena gets back to her wild side a bit more, it’s just a lot more fun, seriously. I’m starting to like Vanessa because of this episode. I hope she starts going to school in Constance like in the books so that it will be easier to make her character important.

Episode 13, The Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate, airs Tuesday night (Wednesday morning here in Philippines) in Canada and Wednesday night (Thursday morning here in Phils) in the US. I think this will be the final episode for the season because of the writers’ strike (please let it end, it’s killing all my shows). Blair thinks she’s pregnant and Serena goes to get the pregnancy test for her. Of course people then think Serena’s the one who’s pregnant, including Dan. Exciting, eh?

Here are the promos…




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