Jennylyn Mercado Pregnancy

(disclaimer: image stolen from google images)

How incredibly stupid…

I really thought she was one of the smartest/most practical among the first batch of Starstruck. I mean she seemed like she knew what she was doing. I liked her. I think she’s a pretty good actress compared to most of the local actors nowadays. Just when she made a good comeback after her last controversy with GMA 7, she let’s herself get pregnant and now she’s letting go of all the great opportunities and shows given to her to go through the pregnancy. Too bad, as far as I know she’s getting high votes to be the next Darna. Good luck to her. Well, at least she’s not getting an abortion or anything and her boyfriend’s gonna take of her. So lesson? If you’re going to have sex, use a condom naman or get yourself ligated.

Fine, I guess Jamie Lynn Spears is still worse… Oh wait! This is why Jennylyn’s boobs seemed to have gotten a LOT bigger since last December! I really thought it was a boob job.


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i was shock when jenylyn was pregnant but in a good shock. more power to patric being a man and taking jenny’s hand and marry her before the baby is born. hehe!

Comment by ROSS

wel, ok lang nmn n buntis least me guts c patrick n pngutan un…en most esp,mzmo sa knla nggling ung issue…

Comment by peachy

it’s ok 2 be pregnant naman pro sana naman gumamit sya nang condom. ok lang yon Jen masarap naman magka anak. just believe in yourself

Comment by Rosalyn

sinayang niya ang opportunities niya, she can come back but she will not shine as before

Comment by ITS ME


Comment by ITS ME

hay nku sayang ang career mo jen lkc nmn bkit k agad nagpabuntid hay nku….di k n tuloy ang big star

Comment by JAJA

hay gudkuck

Comment by JAJA

eow jen hmmmmmmmm
sayang k galing mu p nang artista but anyway andyan n e…bsta ingatan mu nlng yang blessing n bngay n God i know thatz your bigluck to your career…hmmmm sana balik k n hah we will see u soon


Comment by precious

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