L: Change the World – Death Note Live Action Movie Spin Off

Finally, the official trailers are out. Only the second one has English subs apparently. At first, I thought it was a prequel, as in before the WHOLE Kira case but no, it’s about the last 23 days of L after he solved the Kira case. I think it was mentioned somewhere that he was looking for a successor. He’s trying to finish this last case before he dies since he wrote his own name in the deathnote and was supposed to die in 23(?) days. This basically picks up where Deathnote: The Last Name left off. Oh, I saw Erika Toda/Misa Amane in the trailer too. I really don’t know what she’s doing there but I’m glad she is since I like her character. So I’m guessing there are L/Misa moments? Hehehe! I like them in fanfiction (I have a thing for non-canon pairings). Ryuk also makes an appearance, yay!

The movie comes out in Japan on February 9, 2008. For now, I will get my fix of Kenichi Matsuyama hotness by watching Shindo, his movie with Narumi Riko (Honey & Clover Live Action Drama, One Litre of Tears), which is now uploaded in with English subtitles. Kenichi Matsuyama plays a 19 yr. old pianist who’s very passinate about playing the piano but apparently is not as good as the 13 yr. old girl who hates playing piano, she is played by Narumi Riko.

Here are the trailers of L Change the World.


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Finally watched L on the 2nd lunar day of CNY Feb 8, a day before the official Feb 9 opening. Yokatta!

L is sooo cute, cunning n candylicious. Totemo kawaii to kakkoii desho ne.

He is Lawliet aka Eru Roraito. He usually lives in America. He works with the FBI. He writes his own name in Death Note to die a peaceful heart attack in 23 days. He kills Kira (the black one). He eat candies of all shapes from a skewer. He types fast with 2 fingers. He mourns for Watari. He receives N as a gift from F. He babysits for the first time. He speaks Engrishi well. He uses a pig mask to camouflage his face. He has a new FBI partner Sugura. He has a pink Angel Crepe van as contingent home office on the run. He feels different when a girl leans on his shoulder. He runs like a hunchback robot. He tries to walk with a straighten back but it’s too difficult. He saves K to change the world!

Sugoi! Honto ni must watch for all Desu Noto fans. Or watch it if u luv Matsuken. 5 stars.

Comment by L-luver

“OH,love L mak mak loey” His character is very interesting especially his candy look pretty delicious so i hope this movie won’t disappointed me.

Comment by Nick

hi there may i know where can i watch the L changes the world?(now)

Comment by L fan

I am obsessed about death note and i read about the 3rd movie L change the world and i dont even know if it will come out in australia on dvd! i am so excited if it is!

Comment by Caz


Comment by Nplvangm

Thank U for give me L’s real name. And I will win my bestfriend because she was like L too. She always says she is like L first, but didn’t. She didn’t know L real name, and I will win her

Comment by Lawliet

from the movie L has a funny mask to be able to walk around outside so no one will see his face, and he wears it when he meets misa at the collage..does anyone know if you can buy it or some how make it so it can atleast look like it??? i really wanna no for a cosplay

heres some pictures of it:


Comment by MisaMisa

comment to L fan…well it is coming out in movie theatre’s I dont where you ate from but in U.S. its coming to theatre’s I’ll give you the website to see if its coming near you if you are here..

Comment by MisaMisa

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