Super Junior

Okay, I might get beat up for this but… What is with the Super Junior gayness fandom?? I mean, seriously. What’s with all the fans that come up with pairings among the group and think they should marry each other?  Of course, I figured there would be some of that (celebs never run out of those) but I saw this video on youtube from a SuJu concert (I think) where there was a survey about marriage. Then there was a part when all these fangirls told Kangin he should marry Leetuk and I was like “whaa…?” and then Kangin was like “I’m not like that, (me: yes, thank you)” then all the fans that comment on youtube were saying “What a liar,” etc. No, I have no problems with gayness. Really, it’s great if people are happy being gay but wow, so many fans WANTING them to be gay? Kangin and Leetuk aren’t particularly my faves in Suju but I do like them. In fact, I like all the Super Junior members but really, I would prefer hot guys to be straight. I’m just saying, I’m not trying to bash the fans. I’m just a bit surprised about this whole thing.


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i think i understand your sentiment. and i have the same opinion. as i’ve posted somewhere, i’d rather die of jealousy seeing them with a girl than to lose them to a guy. im not homophobic, but yeah, i also prefer this super hot guys to be straight.

at first i find it funny, except for th kyumin pair, i cringe everytime i see them together, maybe because kyuhyun is my favorite member. but as i read almost everywhere about this pairing and see pictures and videos everywhere, its not funny anymore.

Comment by diopatra

Yes! I’m not the only one! Thank you so much. Heheh! It really isn’t funny anymore so I’ll probably try to lay off reading comments of Suju videos.

Comment by buhaychismosa

HAHA.. just dont take it too seriously..
of course they said “what a liar”
suju loves joking around.. so are they, the fans..

well, entertainment is always entertainment..
i belieave those guys have their own wish for their personal life.. dont worry, they are so not gay HAHAHA~

Comment by Kunaunnie

i say that it shouldn’t matter if they were gay. i personally think that a lot of them would make cute couples. i’d rather them end up with a guy than some other pop korean girl that i’d be jealous of for all of eternity.

Comment by cici

good im not the only one who gets hurt when i hear people saying SuJu’s gay. i have no problem with them being gay, its just…them being paired up with one another is just…weird…they’re too cute and id rather lose them to a girl than lose them to a guy. but what is up with all the kissing :S

Comment by endless.moment

It’s not that I like gay pairings on purpose i really just want them to be happy, its just… with a girl… so many people (E.L.F’s) would be completely and udderly jealous ~ including myself

Comment by Shanna

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