Gossip Girl Episode 1.13 – A Thin Line Between Nate and Chuck

Goodness, I just finished watching this episode. SOOOO intense!! Definitely one of the best episodes and a great way to end the season, not too much of a cliffhanger but would definitely have you looking forward to what’s coming next. I love all the twists, the gossip, scandals, and all of the characters. I like Chuck being cruel – it’s so him. The Serena-Blair friendship, especially at the end, had me in tears. Jenny has apparently gotten to the top, which is sort of weird for me. I’m so used to her book character trying so hard but everyone knows it just wouldn’t happen for her, she’s a total joke really. It’s just, she would never be like Serena who just so effortlessly captivates everyone, or Blair who’s just so regal. I guess in the series it can happen for her… Oh! Elyse is here!! But in the show she’s… Jenny’s slave. Basically, Jenny sees her old self in E. I still have a feeling they will end up as best friends.

Chuck/Blair – Everyone loves this. I kind of like them, in fact, I love their drama but I just don’t see them actually becoming a real couple. It’s so cute how Chuck can be in love with Blair, be confused about having those kinds of feelings, and still be a complete ass. Great thing they’ve done with his character. I don’t want him to be in love forever, though, and decide to settle down for B and be less sleazy, which is what makes his character interesting on the show. This is why I don’t want them to end up being a couple. Maybe they’re better off as an ongoing fling that does sweet things for one another once in a while.

Lastly, those two girls that asked Rufus out both really reminded me of Blair. Their names are Bex and Bryn(?) and they were both brunette (I think almost the same hair color as Blair). They’re both very pretty as well. Bex resembles Blair a bit more, even the way she talks (or is it just me?) So coincidence?? Probably… This is so random! I’m gonna go. Bye!


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