I’ve finally finished watching this and wow! It was a very good film. Nice, moving story and characters you can relate to. Makes you appreciate the piano and the struggles of those who play. I used to play myself and I don’t think I could ever get to play that well. The just looking at them play and listening to the pieces, they all seemed so difficult but they’re so good. My favorite piece was “Ripple.” When I used to play, all that mattered was that I correctly read the notes and press the right keys, I’ve never been to that level where I really cared about the dynamics and stuff.

(disclaimer: image stolen from google images)

I am officially a fan of Narumi Riko. She was so good and very pretty. She was supposed to be only 13 then but she looked so mature. She also looked really nice together with Kenichi Matsuyama, who also did well in his role. Even though she was just 13 and he was supposed to be 19, I was hoping their characters would end up together (at least in the future). They had lots of moments of course, and hints that they liked each other. In the end, I was satisfied enough because it did feel like they ended up together (or they really will someday) but it was still not so happily ever after because it was left kind of hanging.

Well, moving away from trying to turn their relationship into something romantic, they had a nice bond all in all. Even if they actually don’t turn into something more, their friendship was great to watch. They help and look out for each other. When they’re together, they sort of learn about themselves. It was just cool how they both benefit from the relationship.

Watch it…


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