Sweeney Todd

Yehey! Sweeney Todd will finally be shown here in the Philippines Wednesday next week, January 16, 2008. It was shown in the US last December and I heard it was really good and super graphic. I’m guessing they delayed showing it here to give way to the Metro Manila Film Festival, which had pretty crappy entries this year by the way. Anyway, at least it’s finally coming. I saw it’s R-18. It’s supposed to be a musical but really gory. I can’t wait to see Johnny Depp and hear his singing. Apparently, this is the first time he actually sings in a movie and based on the trailer, it’s not bad at all. This is directed by Tim Burton and it also stars his girlfriend, Helena Bonham Carter (Corpse Bride, Harry Potter OOTP), Alan Rickman (Harry Potter movies), Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat).

By the way, I think I read from this forum that Death Note is going to be remade into a live action Hollywood film as well. It was also indicated that Johnny Depp is interested in the part of L. I guess this might be true, except for the Johnny Depp part… I don’t know, it sounds so made up. Although L’s character does seem to be the type that would appeal to Johnny Depp. Even though I love Johnny, I still think of Kenichi Matsuyama as the perfect L. Plus, Johnny might be too old for L. But if they’re gonna do a Hollywood version, I guess he’d do a pretty good job as L (he’s always good naman e).

Now, here is the trailer of Sweeney Todd.


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