Don’t Laugh at My Romance

Ah… Another Kenichi Matsuyama movie coming out this year. I don’t think there’s an exact date yet. I found this trailer last night…

I’m not sure about the story but from what I’ve heard, that woman with Kenichi (played by Nagasaku Hiromi) is supposed to be 39 yrs. old? So I guess the story is about a guy in a relationship with an older woman. But then there’s another girl who likes him (played by Aoi Yuu). I love Aoi Yuu by the way. She played Hagu in the Honey & Clover live action movie, and as I said in a previous post, she was soooo perfect as Hagu. She was so cute… So yeah, I’m excited to see her with Kenichi this time. Hmm… So Kenichi Matsuyama has now worked with both actresses who play Hagu in Honey & Clover live action drama AND movie (Narumi Riko in Shindo and now Aoi Yuu). Nice!

Getting back to the trailer, hmm… I think the music is cute. Kenichi is shirtless, and smoking… and has a make out scene, no wait, and a love scene! I was kind of shocked when I first saw this cause haven’t even seen him do like a kissing scene before. Does he have any other film or series where he has a kissing scene?? Anyway, this movie looks good. But that older woman… um… anyway, I hope he ends up with Aoi Yuu’s character.


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I’m from Japan. I was searching for related
info about the movie “Don’t Laugh at my romance” and I bumped into your blog. I am a Japanese man so I have easy access to detailed info in Japanese about this movie but I am just curious about how this movie is known overseas so I was searching on the net seaching for a English website mentioning the film.

If you are interested you can get some info here.

You wrote in another entry that you like the song used in the trailor. It’s one of the songs in the original sound track album. It’s the first song of the album. It’s title is ANGEL performed by Kaori Takeda with HAKASE-SUN.

This is Japanese online music purchase site so I’m not sure your browse show it properly but I try putting a link to it here. You ca listen to it for 30 seconds if you click on the speaker icon.

Comment by Hiro

Hi Hiro! Thank you so much for the links and the info! I finally get the story now… I really wanna watch it already. I just saw your comment, by the way, akismet marked it as spam apparently. Thank you again!

Comment by buhaychismosa

hi, do you know where to get shindo online? or in singapore. those with english subtitles or any other movies with kenichi? thanks youu

Comment by rika

rika, if you want to buy the film, I think you can find it in Most of the stuff there has English subs. If you just want to watch online, Shindo is already in (streaming is very fast). Other Kenichi movies are there as well, like the Death Note films. You can also download through torrent sites, such as Just look around, search it in google.

Comment by buhaychismosa

i from malaysia..i want to watch this movie…can i get online?pls help me…anything pls send email to me..i hope so..thanks…

Comment by Dlya

Does anyone know where I can find that movie with English subs ? I’m a big fan of Kenichi since Death Note so I’m dying to see it and there’s no chance it will be distributed in Poland where I live
Thanks in advance

Comment by Gosia

im from the philippines..
hope i can find that here..
oh plss.
i really want to watch it..

Comment by bunny

Hi, I’m looking for this film and the OST too. I can’t seem to find it on yesasia though… is the OST available on other websites? I’m living in Singapore, btw.

Comment by perniciouslies`

Is there a place online where I can find the full “Angel” song?

Comment by Chelsey

anyone know where i can watch this movie with subs? online?

im such a fan of kenichi!

Comment by Melinda

you can tell me the name of the songs that are part of the movie?

I really need to know!

Please !

Comment by Carol

hey, I’m a recently converted fan of kenichi.. i really love his mysterious aura.. very attractive … thanks for the info here

Comment by redz

its ANGEL performed by Kaori Takeda with HAKASE-SUN

if anyone finds it can u e-mail me @

Comment by melli

Its not available with English subs yet. learn japanese.

Comment by c

I found the subbed video at

Comment by ken2

Nope. That was just a synopsis, there is no subbed video there.

Comment by ayaraEXU

hi! Im turkish Im from turkey pelease L:kenichi matsuyama s desu note film ss yaymlarmisiniz? im thirteen years old.I love you kenichi matsuyama you super actors….I llive loves

Comment by duygu

I just finished watching this movie, and I have mixed emotions about it! I’ve always liked Ken’ichi as an actor, but I was blown away by his performance in Detroit Metal City (Live Action)! I’ve been a fan ever since, and I’ve been looking around for his movies.

I was pretty much surprised too, it’s the first time I’ve seen him do some kissing/making out scenes! XD

Comment by Yoj

Hi, download (along with English subs) can be found here:

Comment by Shah K.

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