Don’t Laugh at My Romance Clip

Oh my god!! Kenichi!!! Quite naughty, eh? I’m not used to it. He always seemed so wholesome in all the stuff I’ve seen him in. So this is what it would look like when L (Death Note) makes out with someone.  I mean, look, besides having the L hair, you’ll notice he’s slouching and he’s very pale in the clip and the way he’s awkward and unresponsive, he’s really channeling L here. That woman is so… malandi. Hehehe!

I’ve been watching the trailer of Don’t Laugh at My Romance all day, actually (whenever I want to distract myself from this report I’m doing). But it’s because I really liked the “Let me fly like an angel…” song and I can’t find it anywhere so I listened to it over and over in the trailer until I saw the make out clip in the related vids. Enjoy!


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hi there, may i ask which year is don’t laugh at my romance Out? If this year then which month was it?Cause i don’t get the situation and the officail site write all japanese.I really want to watch it. KENICHI roX in L change the world.(i’ve seen it)Damn nice!I also watch shindo but i think its quite plain. Jay Chou Movie”secret” was better.

Comment by nanaka

Hi nanaka! Don’t Laugh at My Romance came out this year, just last January I think. If you read the comments to my other post about Don’t Laugh at My Romance, one guy gave a link to an article about it that was written in English. You’ll understand the plot when you read it. I want to L Change the World too… Oh, and I loved Shindo! I loved their team up!

Comment by buhaychismosa

okay, anyone know where i can watch this movie w/ english subtitles? a site where you dont have to download from?

Comment by Melinda

Man, I can’t wait to watch this film!

Comment by Ishida

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