Grey’s Anatomy has gotten too depressing

This used to be one of favorite shows, honestly. But I’ve stopped watching around episode 7 of Season 4, Physical Attraction… Chemical Reaction. I wasn’t even planning on watching that episode but it was on TV that day and I had the time. I’ve already read about the bad sex issue in that episode when I was lurking in some forums, which was why I wasn’t planning on watching it. I thought was stupid and depressing.

Yeah, fine, I like Georgie/Izzie. In fact, I’ve sort of always wanted them to get together since that early episode in season 1 when Izzie kept walking in on George while he was in the shower. I’m aware it wasn’t supposed to come off romantic or anything but their characters were just so cute. I guess I have this fetish for geek/hot girl love stories, and I think  I mentioned I like non-canon couples. I’ve always known though that it just wouldn’t happen for them. Then Alex came in (their story with Izzie was so annoying, I liked him better with Addison), and then Denny (to be fair, I liked Denny). Of course, George liked Meredith, and then there was Callie (I would have liked her if she wasn’t so pathetic for George). Being aware that they just won’t get together, I continued to watch Grey’s Anatomy. I genuinely enjoyed the show. The gizzie friendship was nice to watch too. Then, one day I saw a spoiler that George and Izzie might hook up. I was excited but I didn’t get my hopes up. It happens AND they fall in love. Crap… the show has gotten too perfect. Their scene in the closet was so amazing. That was the point I realized, yes, I’ve chosen a great couple. They DO have the chemistry, it’s not just me. Then I find out they have all these haters that say their feelings just came out of nowhere. I think they’ve always loved each other, it’s just that they only realized how much they did when they had sex.

Anyway, so George has broken up with Callie because he’s in love with Izzie and he doesn’t love Callie and wanted to kill her because who marries a guy who just buried his father? But then George and Izzie have all the baggage so they have bad sex. Things went downhill from here, according to people. Now, I heard they’ve broken up. I think their relationship lasted for only a week. I can’t watch how it happened, it’s too depressing. I can’t let myself get depressed like that. Not unless I find out things work out for them later. So yeah, until I find out they’re back together and happy, I refuse to watch. Besides, Meredith is annoying, Cristina can be fun to watch but I don’t care about her, same thing with Callie, Alex is an ass, McDreamy is very dreamy but sad, McSteamy is funny but I don’t think he has his own storyline, same with Bailey, and Chief is… pretty old. Really, I don’t feel like I’m missing much.


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