Honey and Clover Live Action Drama – Episode 1

And just like that, I’m in a new Honey & Clover craze. This show is soooo amazing, it’s not even funny. It follows the anime way more than the movie did but still twisted it into something new. I love all the characters.

Mayama was the hot stuff I’ve always imagined he was in the anime.

As expected, Takemoto, played by Ikuta Toma, was brilliant.

Hagu, played by Narumi Riko, was fine. She was pretty good actually but Aoi Yuu is still the best Hagu ever, maybe even better than the anime cause anime Hagu was just made too kiddie looking. Oh, and back to the live action drama, I found it weird how they made Hagu smile at Takemoto when they first met. It’s not like her. She’s like, afraid of people. I think she was more likely to run away when she saw him.

Yamada was perfect, especially with her kicking scenes and her “pathetic-but-you-still-feel-for-her” love for Mayama. The way she was wiping her tears while she was doing the pottery, heartwrenching.

I didn’t expect much from Morita but he has me now. He’s cute rin pala. He was great at being weird and funny without trying too hard. And oh my god, the best thing for me here is the Yamada/Morita friendship. I thought they wouldn’t even bother with it because romance sells, right? But yes, they do show their closeness like in the anime, maybe even more.

I was smiling throughout the entire episode because I couldn’t believe how nice it turned out. And with the scoring and everything. But of course, I was almost crying during the saddest moments, like when Takemoto heard Hagu say she liked Morita’s piece and when Yamada was crying over Mayama. The next episode looks even better. I think I saw all the best scenes from the anime in the preview for ep 2. The part when Mayama was carrying Yamada and she kept repeating she liked him… for me, that was the saddest/heaviest but most memorable moment when I watched the anime. It just had this strong effect on me.

Oh well, I’ll probably be hungover for the next few weeks.

(disclaimer: image stolen from d-addicts forum, Honey & Clover Jdrama thread)


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Comment by LadyXS

It’s out already? I’m so behind. I love the anime and was waiting anxiously for the drama.

Comment by rokkuramu

Yes, watch it! watch it! I can’t wait to watch episode 2.

Comment by buhaychismosa

So…I still can’t find it anywhere sub in English. Can you show me where you view/download it?

Comment by rokkuramu

I downloaded the first episode and the soft english subs from The subs are in the subtitles forum. But I think the hard sub by sars/love song are also available, just search in d-addicts. I can’t find subs for the second episode though… but I’m still downloading the raw.

Comment by buhaychismosa

Oh I see, thank you. I was avoiding d-addict because I hate bittorrent. ^^; Guess it’ll have to do for now.

Comment by rokkuramu

I love it..

Comment by chamy

It was alright. Not something I would watch again. I liked Take’s character, I could careless about the artist girl. Her weak personality really killed it for me.

Comment by suuky

i really liked it but i didnt like the fact that take beging the main character didnt really get anything out of it

Comment by kainias

oh, i thought it’s the taiwanese version you watched πŸ˜€ hehe!

Comment by Eunice

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