Project Runway Canada

I’ve only seen the first 3 episodes but I love this show. I love watching these kinds of fashion type shows. The challenges are interesting and the designers are brilliant. Iman is kind of weird and creepy as a host. The low voice and accent can be distracting. Sometimes, she also seems so cold. Although, I always end up laughing when they show her looking back at the camera and saying, “Next time on Project Runway Canada,” or something like that. She’s just so serious but sounds funny. Apart from that, I love the show. I hope to watch more episodes when I’m not so busy with schoolwork anymore.

Project Catwalk (UK version) – I love Elizabeth Hurley as the host but this was so badly edited that I couldn’t get myself to watch more than one episode. They didn’t show much of the designing part and focused more on the personal stuff like how the designers got along and partied and who was gay. In the end, I realized I didn’t really know how the designing went and I just saw the clothes when they were on the catwalk. The thing I hated most though was the narration. There’s too much! “The designers went to the store, then they went home and had a party. ____ was designing his clothes while ____ was pissed off.” Why don’t you just show us or let the designers talk for themselves?? Why keep talking? It’s really annoying, just shut up for a sec, ok?

So yeah, I’m sticking with PRC. I heard a new season of Project Runway US will be shown soon here in the Philippines on ETC, yay! Or has it started already? I have to check… Bye!


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