Itanong Mo Sa Buwan

I caught this movie a while ago in PBO and remembered seeing it a long time ago when I was a kid (although I can’t say the movie is suitable for kids). After some research I found out the title. It came out 1988 and it starred Jacklyn Jose, Mark Gil, and Anjo Yllana. It had a mature and dark theme, which explains why I didn’t really understand it well when I saw it before. It was about this bank teller (Jacklyn Jose) who was kidnapped/taken hostage by this guy (Mark Gil) who robbed the bank. When she was found, she claimed he raped her and stuff but then there are still questions about what really happened.

Anjo Yllana played her husband. I guess he wasn’t a comedian back then. He was so serious and dramatic here. He was super fit as well (someone from our house said he was like his brother, Jomari). There was even this part when I just had to say, wow, he was hot! I also just realized how pretty Jacklyn Jose really is. And I did feel there was kilig with Mark Gil, who was also hot back then I must admit. Except those scenes where he was just wearing those tighty whities, I had to cringe. It just doesn’t look nice to see guys wearing those. I just have to say the audio was so bad, but it’s probably because it was so old that the quality diminished. It added to the creepiness of the film though. The acting was great. I enjoyed all the twists on the events. It was sad how things had to turn out but it was a great way to end/resolve the film.

It was a pretty cool movie, in a way that it’s different from what’s been coming out nowadays. Older movies were better, eh? You can’t find those kinds of themes in commercial/mainstream movies. I’m suddenly hankering for a nice local indie film that has a similar theme, any ideas?


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