I discovered this indie film recently when I was looking around youtube for Sid Lucero films (A bit creepy but I suddenly have this fixation for the Eigenmann family after seeing Itanong Mo Sa Buwan). It’s part of the Cinema One Originals 2007, which was screened last December in several movie theaters. Apart from the hotness of Jiro Manio and Sid Lucero in this film, I want to watch because I truly am intrigued with the story. I watched Batanes last year, which was also directed by Adolfo Alix Jr. (we have the same surname by the way, we might be relatives). It was so simple but powerful and I’m interested in seeing more of his work. It’s too bad though, there was another screening in UP this week but I didn’t get to go.

Filipino indie films are so good but I never get the chance to watch most of them. Since they aren’t commercial, screenings are super limited and DVDs aren’t released. Unless Tambolista actually gets noticed and becomes popular, I doubt I’d have the chance to watch it anytime soon. Since it’s part of the Cinema One Originals thing, will they show it on Cinema One? I don’t have that channel eh… I discovered a few other Pinoy indie/digital films I want to watch but can’t find anywhere, it really sucks. The government should do something to support these kinds of films to motivate producers to take more risks and make better movies.


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I like tambolista too, I saw the trailer in you tube but too bad i cant see them, im in mindanao you see, but we have cinema one channed, I will wait for it!

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