K and Champ of Hale
February 3, 2008, 4:29 pm
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(K – Only Human)

(Hale [Champ is the lead singer] – Shooting Star)

They look alike, eh? Even their expressions when they sing, which really make me melt as I watch. I just had to share the hotness. They have such kind-looking eyes. I love guys who have that “maamo” look.

By the way, K is a Japanese singer and this song (Only Human) was from the Jap drama One Litre of Tears, a must-watch according to most people. Champ is the lead singer of Hale, a Filipino band.

These vids aren’t mine, just like all the rest of the vids I’ve embedded here from youtube. I just found them.


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,=) ,champ..????????? he’s so gwapo.!!~~ahahaha..!!~~

Comment by angelofdeath

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