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This is just a random rant about how stupid local showbiz news can be? Particularly, Chika Minute from 24 Oras and Star Patrol (?) from TV Patrol. Sometimes it’s just so obvious that they’re running out of stories so they’d just put anything out there as long as it’s about a celebrity. I mean sometimes I’m just like “SO WHAT?!!” I don’t care if this girl, who is actually part of the cast of a show, is there during the filming of a kissing scene of her leading man (nope, not even her boyfriend) with another girl. They’re gonna use words in the headlines such as “jealousy,” “love triangle,” etc. but then you when they show the interviews, all the celebs involved will just deny having any love issues with each other. They’ll point out that they their working relationship is very professional and they don’t allow themselves to start relationships with coworkers. Of course, the girl is only there during the filming because she is part of the show and who is she to watch over this guy she might have a crush on when they’re not even in relationship yet? Wow! How enriching! I feel like I’ve become a better human being knowing those things (straight face). You know what? I love gossip, I do, but… Anyway, in the end all they’re trying to do is to promote the TV show. Like last night, they had this news about the kissing scene of Marian Rivera and Richard Gutierrez in their new movie. I don’t think there was anything special about the kissing scene, was there? I mean, for them to make such a big deal out of it? So yeah, they’re just trying to promote the movie.


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