Manga Time: Good Morning Call
February 12, 2008, 9:19 am
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I’m currently reading this Japanese manga online in I think out of all the mangas I’ve tried reading, I’m really enjoying this the most. It’s a shoujo manga and the story revolves around a junior high girl and guy who are forced to live together by themselves. It’s sort of like Full House but with teenagers (I happen to like high school drama). It’s very cute and funny. The pacing is also good. I can almost see it happening. I like the art and the characters as well.

There are some mangas that turn weird eh. Like at first it’s good but later on something happens that just makes me go, “huh?” Or sometimes when I read the synopsis, the story seems really interesting but when I start reading I get bored.  There’s something wrong that I can’t pinpoint. Like I can’t imagine watching it actually happening. I guess it could be because I’m more of a live action fan. When I read mangas, I end up trying to imagine how it would look like on screen. Manga can be very different. I’m probably just not used to the format yet.

By the way, can anyone recommend a good angsty/dramatic manga? As in, Taiyou no Uta type but without the incurable illness. I will appreciate suggestions. Thanks!


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