Gossip Girl: Dan & Blair
February 18, 2008, 1:49 pm
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I’ve said before that I like alternate pairings and Dan/Blair is definitely one of my favorites right now. Believe it or not, I thought of it while I was reading the books even before the show. The last one I read was Nothing Can Keep Us Together and out of eight books I’ve read, they’ve only actually talked ONCE. It wasn’t even an actual conversation, it was just Blair telling Dan “I’m not in love with you. I don’t even know you,” when Serena and Vanessa were sort of teasing Dan and Serena said “Everybody’s in love with Dan!” The line was so funny though, and I think that’s what made me think they’d be cute together. At least in the show they have more scenes together. And their exchanges are quite funny…

“There’s a garage door in the middle of this room! Aww… Is that Cedric?”

“See you later, Waldorf.”

Blair just has to keep referring to Cedric, the cabbage patch, whenever Dan is brought up. It’s cute how they have that thing between them. And you gotta love a good love-hate relationship… I’m not saying they should hook up right now. It’s still too complicated with Serena, Nate, and Chuck. I’m just wishing they’d have more scenes together, friendship scenes at least. Like their scene in Bad News Blair, when Dan opened up to her.

I know everyone’s into Chuck/Blair right now. I also liked the idea when the Victor, Victrola episode first came out. But there’s so much people into it now that I’ve lost interest already. I do think Dan and Serena are cute together. I can’t hate them, even when they can be boring. So I’m not bashing any other pairings. It’s just fun to have all these options… Hehe!

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i so totally agree with you after that one episode where dan was getting dissed and so was blair they should do an episode where Blair actually talks to dan and then she learns that maybe everything doesn’t always have to be about her and yeah

Comment by corina

THAT I SOO TRUE i totally agree with you i mean keep thier options open thats what so great about tvee the drama, and the way the chracters persoanlity change over the season plus thier opposite .. opposite attract? im not saying they should get married just saying it would be cute and tht love hate relationships just keep me laughin HA love it

Comment by lala

…nice idea for an alternative pairing though..

…it’s too bad they have almost zero interaction in the show and the books as well..

…but i do support the idea… =p

Comment by albeitalways

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