Gossip Girl Fashion
February 18, 2008, 2:10 pm
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(disclaimer: images were found in google, as usual)

I love the clothes in Gossip Girl. It’s cool how they’re all differentiated for each character. I can’t say I like one character’s style more than the others though. Serena’s, as they said, “rolled out of bed” look is more my style but I can’t say I can carry it as well as her. I do go for the “sabog/wasted” look from time to time, especially when I do feel like crap. The thing with Serena’s character is that she is so gorgeous that she would good in ANYTHING. Blair’s style is more classic, clean lines, “Audrey Hepburn.” I’ve learned to love it as well. She can wear something that looks too mature for her age but make it more youthful with her headbands. I’m crazy for headbands right now. I just bought two more in Greenhills last Friday. My sister wore the black one with the bow in the Ateneo Prom. I also got a thin yellow one, similar to Blair’s from the pilot. Got them for P35 each.


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Gossip Girls have totally inspired me to wear headbands! It’s just a great look on practically anyone. I found a awesome site, , which has a huge selection of headbands and other hair ornaments Blair would devour!

Comment by KateStyles

Thanks for the link! The headbands are gorgeous! Hehe!

Comment by buhaychismosa

A blair shirt???

Comment by lola

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