Pasan Ko ang Daigdig – Sharon Cuneta, Tonton Gutierrez

Oh no, a Lino Brocka classic… I have to be careful.

I saw my sister watching this in (of course, my fave channel since last month) PBO. No, I wasn’t able to watch from the start but the first thing I have to say about the parts I were able to catch, bad editing! I can’t even explain how, it’s just really bad. The transitions weren’t smooth and some scenes looked random and unnecessary because of it, especially the singing parts. Or is PBO cutting out some scenes and doing a bad job of it?

The story was not bad though. The theme is a lot darker and deeper compared to the commercial films that have been coming out nowadays. The acting was effective, except for Tonton (but that was a long time ago). There wasn’t much chemistry between him and Sharon either. Sharon’s portrayal was moving actually. Lupe was such a strong character. You can understand why she’s doing everything she’s doing, except in the end maybe, but I’ll say more about that later.

There was a lot of drama, rape, whipping (literally), murder, and Sharon gold-digging, which made me wonder if all this also happened in the remake with Yasmien Kurdi. Yeah, fun!

The Mark Gil hotness was a great bonus too. In fact, my sister and I were both rooting for his character to end up with her even though he was supposed to be the bad guy who “raped” her, but turned out he didn’t. Hello! Chemistry! Good girl-bad boy combo!

But then, I also felt for Tonton’s character, who was supposed to be the good guy that “sincerely” loved her and her baby… before I found out he was the one who ACTUALLY raped Sharon’s character and was the father of her child. In the end, she left the dirty old man she was going to marry and decided to be with Tonton’s character. I can’t imagine forgiving a guy who did what he did and lied about it, but if that’s what she wants… she’s an idiot. How can you love a guy who raped you?? Even if he DOES love you… But then, if he loves you, why would he take advantage?! I can’t believe a Filipino film, a SHARON CUNETA film, ended up that way. Interesting…


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