Tree of Heaven Madness… AGAIN!

The other night, I suddenly thought of the Korean/Japanese drama Tree of Heaven. It happens to be one of my favorites. It just had this great effect on me when I was watching it. I also really liked the pairing of Lee Wan and Park Shin Hye. I enjoyed them together in Stairway to Heaven and then I got disappointed when I saw Lee Wan’s older counterpart. Anyway, I remembered it had a really nice and emo soundtrack and I don’t know why I haven’t thought of getting it before. So now I got it and listening to it sort of gave me a flashback of the drama. It was so damn sad but I really loved it, it was just beautiful. As I said before, I don’t cry easily with movies or TV shows but this is one of the few that really got me sobbing. In fact, just listening to the OST last night got me crying.

The story wasn’t perfect but it was still nice. What actually got to me was the acting. Lee Wan was very impressive, definitely. He went for whole episodes without saying anything but was still able to convey his emotions and his character perfectly. Park Shin Hye was so young but she was also excellent. I seriously felt for her character. It was just too bad the ending was still tragic. Why can’t they be in a show together where they’ll be happy together in the end?!

I usually don’t like actors paired off over and over again but I want to see them together in another show because I felt like I was left hanging in Tree of Heaven with their pairing. I know they had a lot of cute scenes together but that stupid ALMOST kiss with the hand over the lips was sort of frustrating (although still sweet) because I was really waiting for them to kiss for real. I guess it’s because Park Shin Hye was still quite young back then. But it’s ridiculous how Lee Wan had several real kissing scenes with the other bitchy girl on the show but none with the leading lady (Park Shin Hye). Then, later on when I watched Goong S, Park Shin Hye completely made out with Se7en in one scene. It was supposed to be her first kiss on screen (not sure if first kiss ever) and it wasn’t even sweet or romantic or anything (Hello! Se7en had his eyes wide open in shock!) but it was REALLY kissing and they were doing it for a while too. If she was going to have her first kiss on screen, it would’ve been nicer if it was a romantic one with Lee Wan in Tree of Heaven (Hehe!). No offense to Se7en, I happen to LOVE Se7en, which was why I was watching Goong S in the first place!

So… my point is, I wish Lee Wan and Park Shin Hye would have another project together. They should have a movie this time or another drama… or even an MV. I’ll even take a CF. They’re just so nice together and is it me or does everyone else paired up with them look a lot older than them? I know Lee Wan is around six years older than Park Shin Hye but he doesn’t look that much older than her, it’s perfect.

By the way, does anyone have the interview with Lee Wan and Park Shin Hye together? It was when Tree of Heaven came out. I saw it before but now I can’t find it so if anyone has it I’d appreciate it if you can share.


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I love Lee Wan …………..

Comment by july

When I saw Lee Wan in Tree in Heaven, I was blown away by his great actings,he is not lame like a lot of K actors. I had since sought to watch all his dramas,but have so far no luck to find ‘Under Magnolia flowers’ I would be grateful for any advice where I could get a copy of the DVD.I saw his MV ‘pillow talk’ sequel,I am so thoroughly impressed.

Comment by lyd

hello LEE WAN..i think im fallen in love with you after i finished watching TREE IN HEAVEN, i really love you the way you smile..i cant resist your charm..i love you.

Comment by Surene Soo

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