Hana Kimi (Jap) on GMA 7

I got excited when I saw the teasers last night, even though I’ve already watched it. Hana Kimi Ikemen Paradise will premiere March 24, the timeslot hasn’t been mentioned. I really love this show so I hope it does well in the Philippines. I have a feeling the Tagalog dubbing will make it funnier. “Homo janai!” will be “Di ako bakla!” Hahaha! Gotta love Ikuta Toma.


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i hope they don’t use voices that don’t match up with the character portrayed. i just hate it when the dubber’s voice doesn’t match with the character he is portraying.

sana may mga bagong voice actors kasi halos pareparehong boses ang naririnig ko sa bawat dubbed show.

Comment by mika

Japanese version is way better, funny and heartwarming than the Taiwanse version. i was able to watch just episode1 of the Taiwanese version bec the taiwanese Ashiya makes me vomit everytime her facial muscle moves. but i hate to say this (Kapamilya kasi ko eh), ABS is better in dubbing compare to GMA.


i<3 Ikuta Toma


Comment by edeh

I just happened to pass by your blog and I saw this entry. Honestly, I HATE GMA 7 for getting all the good jdramas. Nababangketa yung mga idols eh. and ABS-CBN’s dubbers are waaay better than those in GMA. I can’t imagine Shun’s voice dubbed T___T;

Lastly, I don’t want to compare the Taiwanese and the Japanese version because I enjoyed and loved both. It is unfair to compare the show, most especially the actors.

Comment by totallyclueless

I honestly don’t see much difference with the dubbing anymore since the “My MVP Valentine” era. In fact, I think GMA’s Tagalog dubbing make the jokes even funnier. I hate ABSCBN now, with passion. I might explain later. I’ve always been more of a Kapuso anyway. You can’t blame them for wanting to show good dramas.

Comment by buhaychismosa

ABS CBN will air the Taiwanese version of Hana Kimi which was first broadcasted in 2006, while GMA will air the Japanese version Hanazakari no Kimitachi e which was first broadcasted in 2007; both dramas were adapted from the Japanese manga. Taiwan has produced this drama in 2006, starring Ella Chen and Wu Chun etc. and achieved great ratings; and because of its popularity and success, Fujitv was prompted to make the Japanese version as well… Frankly, i like the Taiwanese version better as it is funnier and “kakakilig”, as well as the story line is much closer to the manga series compared to the japanese version which totally was way different than the manga….. Well, I’m just glad that ABS has the taiwanese version, i know they’ll do a very good job when it comes to dubbing this drama (well, as always). GMA on the other hand is just awful when it comes to dubbing, i mean aside from the fact that it lacks timing, the voices always doesnt fit the characters! i hated it when they re- broadcasted Meteor Garden- what have they done??? their dubbers can’t even pronounce Dao Ming Si’s name properly! and Shan Cai’s and Qinghe’s dubbed were just terrible. They made Shan Cai sound like a big girl, urgh!the voices sounded so different from the characters. Compared to ABS’s dubbing that it totally reflects and very similar to the voices of the original actors…. People are always saying ABS always follows GMA. i mean, come on! Who initially aired Meteor Garden? isn’t it because of the popularity of Meteor Garden that GMA bombarded their airtime with other Asian dramas? they wanted to get the impact Meteor Garden has done to the Filipino masses, that’s why they did that sillyness. they even re-aired Meteor Garden 5yrs later! and now that ABS is airing the Taiwanese Version (who is btw, the original drama version), now Ch. 7 on the contrary would air the Japanese one??? funny, they’re such a copy cat! with a dubbing that totally sucks- gee, GMA is way sub- par!

Comment by summer_sunshine

Both dramas were adapted from the japanese manga. However, taiwan first aired, produced and popularized Hana Kimi through television for the majority. We must admit, not everbody reads manga, but everbody watches tv… Japan, however seems to copy taiwan\’s move; e.g. Meteor Garden, Hana Kimi. If taiwan was able to create a great success and a massive follower out of that drama, japan on the other hand will make its own version. i mean, isn\’t that kinda annoying? And to those saying japan\’s actors are better looking than taiwan\’s? – for the record, Japan\’s F4 failed in comparison to the F4 that created phenomenon all over Asia. they\’re good looking alright, but aren\’t as good looking as taiwan\’s F4; plus, they lack star appeal. I\’ve seen Hana Yori Dango 1&2, and their F4 actors seem to look funny with the characters they\’re portraying- they just dont fit…. Matsumoto Jun a.k.a Doumyouji Tsukasa seems so small and girly looking- isn\’t the character of Doumyouji supposed to be stern, tall, has cold and cruel exterior? i dunno, Matsumoto Jun should\’ve played Hanazawa Rui\’s role instead…. Anyhow, Wu Zun who portrayed Hana Kimi\’s lead male role is even far better looking than Shun Oguri of Hanazakari no Kimitachi e…. i love japanese originally produced (not the remake ones) dramas but they aren\’t as popular and as successful in Asia compared to taiwanese and koreans. They should refrain from doing remakes and try to popularize dramas which are produced originally by them. Japan, on the contrary is really excellent is making scary movies, and i totally admire them for that ….

Comment by summer_sunshine

Abs- Cbn bought the rights of Hana Kimi ages ago (along with a couple or more of other asian dramas as well which they will be airing soon); & like they always do in advance- announced their line up of upcoming new shows (and that of course, include hana kimi) last January this year, even before GMA was able to get their hands of the Japanese version. If it happens that both networks will air the same drama (though diff versions) after easter sunday- it is indeed, just a coincidence.

Comment by summer_sunshine

Abs- Cbn bought the rights of Hana Kimi ages ago (along with a couple or more of other asian dramas as well which they will air soon); & like they always do in advance- announced their line up of upcoming new shows (and that of course include hana kimi) last January this year, even before GMA was able to get their hands of the Japanese version. If it happens that both networks will air the same drama (though diff versions) after easter sunday- is merely a coincidence… 🙂

Comment by summer_sunshine

source: refencedotcOm

Hana Kimi’s pilot episode started off strong, posting a rating of 3.05 The show encountered little competition until the premiere of Show Luo and Barbie Hsu’s Corner With Love. Before Corner With Love ‘s pilot episode was aired, Hsu bet that Corner ‘s highest rating would hover around 2.9, while Chai Zhiping bet on ratings of around 3.3. Corner would end up posting a final average of 2.81, with a peak at around 3.25, but it was no match for Hanazakarino Kimitachihe ‘s average rating of 3.91 that week. The Corner With Love threat would be held off for yet another episode, as Hanazakarino Kimitachihe ‘s 8th episode posted ratings of 3.88, compared to Corner ‘s 3.17 – a difference of nearly 150,000 viewers per minute. As both series fought for viewership, Hanazakarino never relinquished its weekly ratings crown. By the 12th episode, the series had already cracked 5.0. The final episode achieved a rating of 5.98. ***THE RATINGS FOR HANA KIMI WERE SO HIGH THAT TELEVISION CHANNELS IN JAPAN AND SOUTH KOREA DISHED OUT OVER 30,000,000 NTD FOR THE RIGHTS TO BROADCAST THE DRAMA.*** The drama’s ratings performance resulted in a nomination at the 2007 Seoul International Drama Awards in the Best Juvenile Drama category. Following the drama’s 15-episode run, media sources speculated that Ella, Wu and Wang will all sign on to star in the drama’s sequel. In September 2007, Producer Huang Wang Bo officially denied this claim.

The single episode ratings are as follows: Episode Nationwide
01 32.5%
02 30.5%
03 34.6%
04 38.8%
05 36.8%
06 42.4%
07 31.1%
08 39.1%
09 38.8%
10 43.9%
11 42.9%
12 50.9%
13 48.3%
14 36.7%
15 36.3%
average 38.9%

Comment by summer_sunshine



Comment by PauL

masmaganda magdub ABS-CBN pero masgusto yung pinapalabas ng GMA kaysa ABs eh… Kapuso ako eh… Maganda naman yung dalawang drama bakit kasi kailangan pang mag-away ng dalawang estasyon.. they’re all idiots (BAKA!!!!!) haha.. i love IKuata toma… hehe

Comment by hulaan

hindi ko gusto ang voice character ni ashiya mizuki!!, pero ang Hana Kimi na japanese version ay mas maganda kay sa Hana Kimi na taiwanese!!. Ang japanese kasi na hana kimi ay halo-halong comedy at drama!!. Ang pinaka paborito ko pa na episode ay ung nasa huli..

Comment by kristine sherry

hana kima japan is the best^_^

Comment by bakekz

Napakaganda talaga ng HANA KIMI sa ABS-CBN at talented pa ang mga bida!!! Walang laban ang hana kimi sa GMA!!! GO ABS-CBN!!! AJA!!!

Comment by anna

wag niyo nlang ipag-compare ang dalawang versions kitang kita nman kc kung cno s knila ang hit bqt di nyo nlang tignan mga ratings… isa pa, tingnan nyo nlang ang hitsura ng mga lead characters… ung sa taiwan version na babae eh mukhang babuy.. yuck!!!!!

i therefore conclude that hanakimi japanese version of GMA7 is far better(by a miles) than that which aired in abs-cbn…

Comment by kimi hana jdorama

go japan!ganbatte neh!

♥i really love hana kimi of jap…its very addictive that you just want to lie on your couch,drink soda,like youre in youre own world that you dont want to be bothered…
and watching IKUTA TOMA is all i wanted…
even you spend youre whole day watching it..promise youll never get tired…
and the actors are HOOOOT!they have different personality in the film…i just love it!

pls support the young actor and wish him for more tv shows…love you toma!

PS.ABS-CBN’S shows,actors and actresses STINKS!


Comment by ♥phaULinx♥

*_+*_+*_+ I +_*+_*+_*
~!~!~!~!~ H ~!~!~!~!~!
“:”:”:”:” A :”:”:””:”
!@!@!@!@! N !@!@!@!@!
#$#$#$#$# A #$#$#$#$

%^%^%^%^% K %^%^%^%^
&*&*&*&*& I &*&*&*&*
()()()()() M ())()()()
_+_+_+_+_+ I _+_+_+_+_

Comment by ~23~

*_+*_+*_+ I +_*+_*+_*

Comment by ~23~

i will olways love nakatsu!!!baby!!!
mas marunong ngang magdubb ang abs pero mas maganda nmn ang mga show sa 7.hana kimi jp is the BEST among the REST..

Comment by erica




hana kimi Taiwan version…BOO!!!

sobrang pangit….

d nmn un da original…d nmn cla nag-iicp…

kaya nga HANA KIMI…japanese word…

bzta….hana kimi jp version…walang tatalo…

hana kimi taiwan…KADIRI…PANGIT….

Comment by GO TOMA!!!

mas maganda kaya ang hana kimi taiwan kasi noong nanood ako ng hana kimi japan di ko naman maintindihan ang storya kaya di ko na tinuloy
kala ko nga panget ang hana kimi taiwan pero yung napanood ko mas maganda pala
go hana kimi taiwan!!!

Comment by erika

hana kimi japan 🙂 go toma. 🙂

Comment by ddfsasdca

mas maganda ang hana kimi japan kaysa sa hana kimi taiwan. ung female lead sa taiwan ay mukhang lalake talaga. i got thrown off when i saw the female lead in taiwan.She doesn’t look like a girl. And the actors and actresses are way better looking in japan than the ones in taiwan. and the female lead of taiwan tries to hard on her acting the other actors from taiwan are fine. And as for the dubbing, i think both are at similar level. i like watching the original voices better than da dubbing, it’s funnier.

Comment by Maki Chan daisuki!!!

eww!!! Hana Kimi Taiwan female lead is ugly.
no offense to the Hana Kimi taiwan fans.:)
when i saw the female lead, i thought she was a man from da start.
dat’s why i didn’t even wanna watch da first episode in both tagalog or taiwanese.
besides i’m a fan of Japanese dramas. they have better dramas than taiwan.
Japan also have better actors and actresses. The actors act way better and looks way hotter, and cuter.
i think i like GMA7 dubbing better than ABS. but i rather watch hana kimi with the original voices.
I LUV HANA KIMI JAPAN!!!! DAISUKI Horikita Maki and Ikuta Toma!!!! 🙂 🙂

Comment by Hellomoto

🙂 🙂 🙂 Japanese dramas are way better than Taiwanese dramas. The actors are way better looking and acts way better. the reason they are not popular in Asia (i meant in Philippines) is dat they buy very little japanese dramas BEACUSE JAPANESE DRAMAS’ RIGHTS ARE WAY EXPENSIVE than those of South KOrea and Taiwan. Philippines cant afford to buy their rights. if ur an internet geek, u will see how many netizens are a fan of Japanese dramas. if i can list the names of the best dramas in Japan and give reasons why i its the best, it would take me years to finish it. 😛 😛 😛

Comment by Hellomoto

i know gma 7 gets all the good dramas im so jealous! i dont even have gma 7?!!!!! ughhh. and they air at diffrent times so i cant watch it!! gosh i really wanna watch it on tv!! i’ve started reading the mang and its excellent!!!!

Comment by miemie

ang kapal niniyo mas maganda ang hana kimi taiwan sa hana kimi japan kasi ang mga kapuso mga bulag,,,bulag ang mga puso nila

Comment by gretchen d. eduarte

kapamilya ako forever

Comment by gretchen d. eduarte

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