Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus

The title has gotten even longer, eh? Honestly, I hate all the twists, innovations, and manipulations they keep doing in BB, but I will still watch this because the whole idea of putting together a bunch of HOT people in one house and watching them interact, is super interesting. I just have to admit it. I want classic and simple PBB.

So many hot guys! My favorites are Robi and Josef (Ateneo and La Salle boys). I love their secret task. I think Robi looks a lot like KevJumba (from YouTube), whom I love. I like all the guys actually. I dislike some of the girls though, for judgmental reasons that I don’t want to mention cause it’s just mean. I like Nicole though, she looks nice, pretty and she has class (at least she really seems like she does).


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Sino sa palagay mo ang mananalo. I’ll bet my bottom dollar that Priscy will win this edition.

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