Dan is NOT gay in the Gossip Girl books

OH MY GOD! NO! So many people, including Penn Badgley, apparently think that Dan was “straight up” gay in all the books of Gossip Girl. It’s been explained so many times, he’s NOT. I’ve read up to book 8 (I’m reading book 9 now), so far he’s been very straight and very much in love with Vanessa. From what I’ve gathered, however, there was this one time in a later book that he goes to this poetry thing and ends up kissing a guy. For a brief period, he sort of doubts his sexuality but soon enough he realizes how in love he is with Vanessa still and he’s NOT gay. That’s it with his whole gay storyline. If there’s someone who’s REALLY gay in the books, it’s Chuck, which was why the whole Blair/Chuck storyline in the show was kind of awkward for me at first (though I must admit it was really hot). Fine, for the first few books he was this sleazy playboy rapist but later on I guess he was too much of a player that he turned gay? There was even a time I seriously believed he was Gossip Girl when I read the end of one of the books (at the next book, I wasn’t sure again). He was even hitting on Dan and stuff, when he was starting to get popular. I’m glad he’s been straight in the show though, I don’t mind a hot and straight guy on the show. I hope he gets a monkey though, like Chuck in the books. I don’t know, I can just imagine Ed Westwick with a little monkey and it would be so cute.

So why am I bringing up the gay business? According to spoilers of the Gossip Girl TV show… one of the main characters will turn out to be gay. Any ideas?


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OMG really Chuck!?! I don’t know but I agree he is wayyyy hot! And I heard he is going to be a new movie coming out May 2nd! It’s called Son of Rambow can’t wait!!!!

Comment by Gosiplvr

May i know where I can watch gossip girl online?

Comment by Anon

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