Kyuhyun, my love!

I have just found my newest love from SuJu! Kyuhyun! I don’t see him a lot before with Super Junior so I never really noticed him until I saw the Marry U proposing thing they did for their mini-concert…


They’re all so cute in that vid though! I LOVE Donghae, of course! Heechul was funny! Eunhyuk’s and Hankyung’s proposal seemed real. Kyuhyun’s proposal really looked like it was taken from a Korean drama, lovely.

I just saw him in this vid today…

So now I’m really in love with him too. He’s like an even cuter version of Kenichi Matsuyama!! They should do parody of Death Note and he could be L. Hehe! Seriously! Is it just me or is he not as exposed as the other SuJu members? He wasn’t even in Attack on the Pin-up Boys (but I know it’s because of the accident), he wasn’t in SuJu Full House, and I don’t remember seeing him in EHB (although I haven’t finished watching all episodes yet). Anyway, SuJu Death Note please?!

Disclaimer: I don’t own these videos. I just saw them in youtube and thought I should share them here.


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