When Love Begins – Aga Mulach and Anne Curtis

Am I the only one who’s finding this a bit disturbing? I mean, Aga/Claudine was kinda creepy for me, Aga/Kristine was creepier, Aga/Angelica was much creepier and now Anne Curtis. How old is he?? Who’s next? Kim Chiu? Maja Salvador? KC Concepcion? Wait, KC Concepcion might be a good idea. Sharon can be in it and maybe they could have a Rumor Has It kind of plot.

Actually, I KNOW I have a thing for older guy-younger girl type of couples. I’m gonna admit I like the Keira Knightley/Johnny Depp pairing since Pirates of the Caribbean (I know, WAY worse than Aga/Anne). My favorite movie is My Little Bride. So I’m not sure why it really bothers me that Aga’s paired up with younger girls. At least, he’s cute and still looks young (definitely why he’s getting these roles). Maybe if they actually acknowledge the age gap in the movies, it will be different for me. Like, if it’s actually part of the plot that he’s a lot older than her and that’s why the love is so forbidden or that’s the main conflict of the relation. I would probably find that a LOT more interesting instead of seeing Aga acting like he’s 20 years younger than he actually is.


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ahahahahah well i love anne <33

Comment by renee

Oh jeez. I couldn’t agree more!

And ABS-CBN chose to advertise “When Love Begins” rather than Juday’s “Ploning”? It’s absolute crazy! Aga should just work with women in his age pool and leave the youngins to the youngins!

I also loved “My Little Bride” and rewatch it from time to time. I confess: it took me a while to get used to the male lead, but with all the laughs and great moments between the two, the movie managed to become one of my favorites. However, in Aga’s case, he just looks (freaking) old. Bottom line.

Comment by cafemelrose

as i think when love begins is a wonderful movie aga is so handsome and anne curtis is so sexy kahit hindi ko pa ito napapanood i know maganda itong movies kaya panoorin niyo po ito.can you add me

Comment by erlinda

jeeezzz….. love is beyond age…. and both are in their legal age…. i find it creepy and bothering if another okei ka fairy ko nth series and its new Faye is sharlene san pedro of goin bulilit… LMAO!

Comment by ChArOz®

well i think aga mulach is a good actor.bakit sila titigins a age ni aga ,he is a baby face at kahit sino pwedeng i partner, bakit sina eddie garcia kahit sino pede .si aga pa kaya

Comment by jesse

aga mulach is a number one actor in the philippines , mahusay sya kahit sino ang i reto,,,guapo at walang kupas…number 1 actor sya…walang christoper de leon

Comment by jesse

ang arte naman ng nagsabing freaking old..ang arte..
parang discrimination at parang di sya tatanda..bakit maganda ba sya..ha-ha

Comment by jesse

I totally agree! I just watched this on Cinema One and I was very uncomfortable watching Aga make the moves on Anne. I don’t know what it is about this particular pairing, but it was a tad bit gross to watch. And yes I know Aga still has his boyish looks, but …. it was off.

Comment by natalie

shit this movie is crap

Comment by joseph

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