Misheard Lyrics – What’s Up People?
May 4, 2008, 10:52 am
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My friend sent me a link to this video in youtube. It’s the 2nd opening theme of the Death Note anime. Totally hilarious! It totally sounded like the “misheard lyrics.” My favorite was the last part though… and the “GET POOOORN!!!” part. Enjoy!


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That was genius…and funny. who friggin worded that out?

Comment by Robert ^_^

want some!? feels like pie, home-security…

roflmao xD

Comment by Carly

during the feels like pie bit, I’m hearing “what’s up, fuzzy bear?! oh, saint gin and tonic, what’s up, fuzzy bear?!”

Comment by Mira-Fangs

Haha lolo Want some feels like pie home security wants som feels like pie Wanna meet my Dad now heyhey ringo saggot heyhey ringo faggot aya ringo faggot

Comment by Samantha

The ending is the best part!!

Comment by Felixon

You must have some serious mind power

Comment by Felixon

That was fuckin awesome! But at the end he isnt saying what up bebo he speaks english in that part and he is saying “what up people”

Comment by Cody

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