Ako Si Kim Samsoon updates

I haven’t posted in a looong time. Hehe! So first of all, RIP Rudy Fernandez…

Next, I have to say I’m disappointed with what I’ve been hearing so far about the Kim Sam Soon Pinoy remake. I’m definitely not a fan of the directors. In fact, I believe at least one of them has done some really crappy work before but I’m hoping they do better this time.

They introduced Jung Ryeo Won’s character (Hannah) as played by Nadine Samonte earlier today in SOP. They described her as the ex-fiancee of Cyrus (Hyun Bin’s character) who left him because she’s not ready to get married and then came back PRETENDING she has cancer to get him back. When I heard that, I was like “WHAT????!!! But she DOES have cancer!!!” I guess they’ve changed that. They’re turning her into a real “kontrabida.” Can I just say that one of the strengths of the original show was that no one was really a “villain?” I totally felt for Hanna’s character before, she had him first, she truly loved him, he loved her, she left for a good reason, and they could have totally ended up together. In fact Samsoon was the one who stood between them but of course, you gotta love Samsoon and Cyrus together too… The show had realistic characters that you could relate with so it’s too bad that they might be changing that to make it more Pinoy. Cause there should always be evil people in the world of Pinoys…. apparently. Hopefully, they can still work things out in such a way that will make people still sympathize with her.

Next thing I’m dreading is that they seem to be giving a big part to Samsoon’s ex-fiance played by Wendell Ramos and his new fiancee played by Pauleen Luna. As in MUCH bigger than Hannah (Jung Ryeo Won) and Doc Henry because I don’t think their actors have even started taping yet.

Worst thing I heard (I guess it’s even worse that the pretending to have cancer), Kim Samsoon might have a transformation in the end from fat to slim, sexy and beautiful! So they’re turning it into Betty La Fea? I guess to compete with ABS’ remake of Betty La Fea. But then, isn’t it the point of KSS that women should be strong and love themselves as they are?!? Cyrus loved Samsoon as she is, right? I think it would send a better and more empowering message if they just let her stay as she is, fatsuit and all. There’s still time to change their mind about this idea so I’m begging them, PLEASE DON’T DO IT!

I guess these are my main concerns. A lot of other stuff I’ve seen in the teasers are actually good. The show looks really funny. Before I was reluctant about Regine but now I think she’s doing great. I LOVE Mark Anthony Fernandez (HOTNESS)! I’m watching mainly for him. The rest of the cast are seem perfect too. Tessie Tomas, John Lapuz, Eugene Domingo, and Sheena Halili, it’s going to be a riot! I hope the show will turn out to be a lot better than I’m expecting. I mean it’s good to have changes but they probably shouldn’t change things that are part of the original’s strengths right? So let’s watch out for this! It starts June 30!


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ang galing talaga ni regine grabe!!!!idol talaga poh kita!!!-april of baliuag bulacan!!!GOOD LUCK POH ALWAYS!!!TAKE CARE!!!


grabe!!! tlaga walang cancer si Hannah dito? grabe…sa original KIM SAM SOON… si Kim Sam Soon ang parang halimaw sa love story nila Cyrus at Hannah (which is by the way Kim Sam Soon’s name as well)hehe..may part kasi dun na sinabihan ni Kim Sam Soon si Hannah na “EH ANO NAMAN KUNG MAY MALUBHA KANG SAKIT SA GANDA MONG YAN, MARAMI PA RIN ANG MAGMAMAHAL SAYO.MAKAKAKITA KA PA RIN NG LALAKING MAGMAMAHAL SAYO PERO SA AKIN SI CYRUS LANG, KAYA SORRY HINDI KO SYA IIWAN”ahahaha… ang twisted diba???

Comment by Arlene

Go!!!!Regine,keep up the good work

Comment by Eliza

Like you, i’m still hoping that they will be able to improve this remake. It breaks my heart since i totally love MNIKSS and Samsoonie of course. I think the remake is missing the strengths of the original (ie wonderfully, well-developed characterization of the characters; no villain; no ugly-duckling-turned-into-a-beautiful-swan). they are dwelling more on the plot and the comedic side of mnikss. too bad they are missing the most important things. but still i’m hoping they will realize this before the series ends… 😦

Comment by alodia

I like this drama, its funny and sweet. even if I dont understand a thing they are saying. I’m still hook on it.cant wait until I find it with subtitles.

Comment by jackie

i really want to watch “ako si kim samsoon” with eng subs.
but i can’t find it nowhere.
could someone tell me, where i could watch it or dl it with eng subs?
thanks and greetings from germany

Comment by straubi

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